The story of Red Dog Realty begins in the summer of 2006, when my daughters were 10 and 6, and my oldest daughter Lauren came home from school and announced she really wanted a dog. She had just read the book “Old Yeller”. Of course, my younger daughter Anastasia soon mirrored her sister’s excitement and they banded together with one intention.

I wanted a dog too but was “keeping our options open.” Two minutes later I fell madly in love with a Golden Retriever who put his head on my shoulder. I told my daughters that Alfalfa was our dog because he picked us. He was the perfect pup, furry and happy and always ready for anything as long as it was by our side. We felt he needed a playmate and found a red Golden Retriever and named her Skyler. She was sickly and the owner told us they may have to put her down. We all loved her immediately and we all took turns nurturing her back to health with Alfalfa licking her head. She was a great sidekick, and had a knack for finding trouble. She loved raiding the trash and leading Alfalfa to steal clothes from the laundry to parade them in front of company. When confronted she would sheepishly offer a “high five,” charming her way out of any situation. I realized that this crazy dog probably would have been put down and how horrible that would have been.

In 2008, growing tired of working for franchised real estate companies for 8 years, I wanted to start my own company. I searched for what to name it and realized that I wanted it to have meaning. I decided to broadcast my belief that every dog needs a home. In honor of Skyler, Red Dog Realty opened it’s doors in July 2008. We proudly sponsor a variety of dog and animal charities. If your animal charity needs a sponsor, please drop us a line.